Selena Gomez admits her new track sounds like she's singing about farting carrots.

The US star chatted to UK BBC Radio 1 presenter Scott Mills about her single Good For You, featuring A$AP Rocky, this morning.

The first line is 'I'm a 14 carat,' with Selena likening herself to a diamond. However, Scott heard something completely different.

"Wouldn't that just start the tone really sexy and that's what you wanna hear a girl say," Selena laughed. "It's also because you guys have the accent so it does kind of sound like that, for sure.

"You know what, it could be something we also make viral. Things happen."

The song marks a new direction for the 23-year-old, and she hopes her fans can hear that in the lyrics and melody.

Selena reached out to A$AP to collaborate on the record, deciding to text him and reveal she was huge fan. Admitting she now has his number saved in her phone, his isn't the only A-list star to make her contacts list. This prompted Scott to advise her to be careful with her phone as all her famous pals are saved under their real names.

"I'm from Texas so I have the strangest names for my aunts like, aunt Levada, aunt Bonnie, and then Katy Perry. It's the craziest names," she giggled of her phone book.

As well as conquering the world of movies and music, Selena is a social media queen boasting over 31 million Twitter followers and 40.7 million on Instagram.

Her advice is to be real online, showing people "the ditty and the fun stuff". This attitude recently landed her a follow from ex-One Directioner Zayn Malik.

"I had no idea what that was until somebody else asked me. And obviously I know Zayn now so it's not like a weird thing. Thanks for the follow Zayn!" she said before admitting she isn't sure if she followed him back.

"Did I? I don't know, I hope I did. If I didn't I will right now on my phone. I should do it."