Catfish and the Bottlemen on MTV Show Relentless Ultra Presents Soundchain tonight.

I have some great quotes from the guys below ' wondered if you would be interested in a small piece on it?

The show airs tonight on MTV Music at 11pm.

Van on the first song he remembers having a connection to or loving as a kid

Mine was 'Beautiful Boy' by John Lennon. My dad used to plop me in the basin as a baby, cover me in soap so I had a big afro and put that on ' Beautiful Boy ' I'm in this bath and Beautiful Boy's on that rights around my head quite a lot.

How do you write as a band, do you do lyrics, do you write music, what happens?

Van: When we get asked this I always explain it as I draw it and they paint it. Like I draw the picture and they come in and paint it. So I come in with yknow the kitchen version, that you'd sing in your kitchen to somebody and then they make it sound enormous and Bondy put's his mad motorbike noise on it. Next thing you know.

Van on what inspired their track, Homesick

Van: This was a series of phone calls when I was with my Mrs and we were having a long distance, yknow like back and forth, and it was that kind of thing of her getting drunk and walking home on her own and me going 'don't walk home on your own!'. Like you know I can't be there. And fighting about that, yknow what I mean. And she's like 'well come here if you wanna walk me home'. That sort of ' not being around thing - yknow what I mean.