Back in 2014, the New York Police Department invested in a pilot program meant to equip its force with Windows Phones, and the trial seems to be going really well, as a new report comes to show.

According to information coming out from ABC7 NY, the mobile devices are really helping police officers respond faster and fight crime better. The initiative received $160 / €144 million funding for the 41,000 new mobile tech tools, by way of the criminal asset forfeiture funds from the district attorney’s office.

The Windows Phones used by the police officers feature apps that can monitor incoming 911 calls. They also display the reported crime and the number of the person who is placing the call.
The report goes on to describe a situation where the application played a major role in quickly solving the case.

Windows Phone is helping to fight crime

After receiving a 911 call reporting a fight on Westchester and Morrison, officers were able to call back the witness, who was able to describe the suspect. Then the police force moved into the field, where they managed to recover the weapon used in the crime and also got ahold of the perpetrator.
Officers said it took merely five minutes from seeing the 911 call on the phone and actually catching the suspect in the act.
What’s more, these Windows Phones come with a tool that allows law enforcement to transcend the language barrier and provide accurate translation in real time, thus saving up critical time.
This wouldn’t be the first time when Microsoft signs deals with major organization across the world in order to provide them with tablets and smartphones. The Redmond giant has already found partners in many countries across the world in a wide variety of businesses, and NYPD is just one of them.
Microsoft is also on the verge of unleashing new flagship devices, but there are slim chances these models will be transformed into crime-fighting tools.