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    CHD : Ban on the usage of free seedboxes

    Subject: Ban on the usage of free seedboxes

    Thanks to recent free boxes offered by some service providers (e.g. OVH), some members were actively cheating by taking advantages of these free vps servers. They generated download and upload credit by transfering files among each other. The IP addresses that have been used by these cheaters are then reused by other legitimate seedbox users. This indirectly put other legitimate users into risk of being categorized as cheater during our investigation process.

    To further discourage this kind of unhealty activities, the admin team has decided to carry out the following:

    1) Immediately ban on the usage of free (seed)boxes. This includes, but not limited to, free server/VPS provided by any service provider, free vps from IDC service provider, or any kind of free service that allows user to carry out BT activity from CHD's PT tracker. From 10th of October 2012, 8pm onwards, any usage of free boxes (as stated above) will be considered as cheating.

    2) Register free seedbox users

    i- For existing free seedbox users or those whom have once used a free seedbox IN NORMAL WAY should register themselves. Those who do not register should keep appropriate record for reference purpose (or risk to be categorized as "cheater" as stated in rule number "1)").
    ("Normal way" as in, download and keep seeding etc. and NOT involved in activities such as team up with other free seedbox users and download / upload among each other for cheating purpose.)

    ii- Registration is compulsory for those who have involved in any kind of cheating activity. You may turn yourself in by PM'ing the admin and you shall start from zero (upload/download). The rest will be immediately banned if found guilty.

    iii- closing date: 14th of October 2012, 8pm. Act now or risk being penalized.

    Register: : 0


    service provider: VOH
    seedbox size: 5G
    seedbox ip: (no masking)
    usage detail: from 10 Aug till 10 Sep 2012, it was used normally / i team up with xx and we upload among each other / downloaded 10 torrents where the size is bigger than the space of the seedbox.

    CHDBits admin
    8th Oct 2012
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