Hearts of Iron IV might not be coming this year, but the team at Paradox Development Studio is ready to deliver more details about the core elements of the coming grand strategy title, this week with a focus on the power of the Soviet Union and the Communist ideology that powers it.

On the forum the team explains that the country starts with, "the risk of Trotskyite plot, giving -20% National Unity, and also being the Home of the Revolution, which is a solid +50% defence against non-communist influence. They are communist, and thus have no elections. There is a fair amount of selection in each aspect of government for them."
In the 1936 start, which most fans of the Hearts of Iron series use, gamers will have 138 divisions to work with initially, most of them infantry, with some light tanks and trucks included and a higher than normal change of reinforcement.
Paradox is giving gamers a chance to see the focus tree for the Soviet Union, which features five possible progress paths, including: Five Year Plan, Stalin Constitution, Anti-Fascist Diplomacy, Anti-Capitalist Diplomacy and The Great Purge.
The company has already explained that Hearts of Iron IV will not allow gamers to explore all the options, meaning that they will create a unique set for their country as they get through a campaign.

Communists will have some advantages in the grand strategy title

The team explains that the Communist ideology means that action that countries take will have a smaller impact on World Tension.
They also have the option to enforce puppets via wars and there are no limits when it comes to their use of expeditionary forces.
Hearts of Iron IV is focused on the preparations and then the actual battles of World War II, allowing players to take control of almost any country they want, although most gamers will focus on a relatively small number of majors.
Paradox is planning to introduce a range of improvements, including tweaks to research, production and the way battles get planned and then fought.
Hearts of Iron IV is set to be launched only on the PC at some point in early 2016, as long as it is not affected by another delay.