Video game developer Square Enix and Disney are announcing that they are working together to integrate the world of Big Hero 6 and its hero Baymax into the coming Kingdom Hearts 3, giving gamers more cross-over content that they initially thought.

Shinji Hashimoto, a leading developer working on the title, says that main character Sora will strike up a friendship with the robot and will be able to use his unique skills to take out enemies.
The development team believes that the vision of San Francisco shown in Big Hero 6 is a great fit for Kingdom Hearts 3, and it seems that a dark version of Baymax will be one of the included enemies.
Themes like the battle between light and darkness and the power of friendship will be included in the core story of Kingdom Hearts 3.
Tangled and Rapunzel have also been confirmed as coming to the new version of the action role-playing experience.
It's unclear whether Disney is planning to bring more of its modern characters to the game or whether the focus will remain on classics like Donald Duck, Goofy and Mickey.
Some fans have speculated that Star Wars characters might be introduced, but Square Enix has suggested that the deal that links them to Electronic Arts means that they will not be used in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Gameplay will be instantly familiar for fans of the series

Square Enix belives that gamers who appreciate the classic gameplay of the franchise will be satisfied to see that only a limited number of tweaks are being made in Kingdom Hearts 3, with Dream Drop Distance the inspiration.
Gamers will be able to use Keyblade transformations to increase the power of their party, and there are also more options for movement and defense during combat.
Square Enix is planning to create some frantic moments that will flesh out the world and the stakes of the coming experience.
Kingdom Hearts 3 will be offered on the PlayStation 4 from Sony and the Xbox One from Microsoft and at the moment Square Enix is not ready to offer a launch window for it.
The entire experience is being created using a heavily modified version of Unreal Engine 4.