Video game developer Supermassive Games and publisher Sony are delivering a new live action video for their upcoming Until Dawn, which is designed to allow gamers to actually control the action and see the unique decision and consequences system of the title.

The official PS Blog announcement explains that the two companies have worked with MoFilm to create a short series of live action films.
They add, "In each of these films, equal attention was focused on the exact moment the characters are faced with a tough decision, as is on the potential outcomes they must weigh. For better or worse, every action has a different consequence."
Choices is the name of this new Until Dawn video, and gamers will be able to play out a classic horror genre scenario with some unique moments of terror.
The new title will allow gamers to track the destinies of eight teenagers who are isolated in a cabin, where they are followed by a serial killer one year after two sisters disappeared in the same place.
Supermassive Games have created a unique Butterfly Effect mechanics for the game, which is designed to make sure that no playthrough generates the same final state for the world.
A campaign will last about eight hours, and gamers are encouraged to explore the possibilities created by each decision.
Until Dawn will be launched on the PlayStation 4 on August 25.