Everybody knows that Windows 10 bundles lots of improvements supposed to fix the Windows 8 annoyances, but some of the changes the company made to the operating system actually make little sense for the majority of users out there.

Take, for example, the brightness slider, which was available in Windows 8 as part of charms bar, which made it extremely fast and easy to change the default settings.
But what's even more important is that users were allowed to set any brightness value they wanted by simply sliding left or right in this menu.
In Windows 10, however, Microsoft changed the way users can adjust screen brightness by moving the slider from the charms bar, which is no longer available in Windows 10, to the Action Center, which now groups all key settings of the operating system in just one place.

Only 25 percent increments

The real problem with the screen brightness controller in Windows 10 isn't its place, but the way it works, as the brightness is now adjusted with 25 percent increments. In other words, if you want to adjust your brightness, it jumps from 25 percent to 50 percent, and then to 75 percent.
Users obviously already started complaining about this and ask Microsoft to change its behavior in order to provide better control over their screen brightness.
“Is there any way to replicate the brightness slider that was so easily accessible from the Charms Bar of Windows 8.1? I used this frequently throughout the day. The button in the Action Center that steps up in 25% increments just doesn't quite cut it for me,” one user explained on the Microsoft Community forums.
As usual, Microsoft might be already aware of this suggestion, but to increase the chances of seeing a change in future Windows updates, make sure you submit it via the Windows Feedback app to let others vote too.