Microsoft's going all-in on its Windows 10 marketing push, so the company's taking the operating system in pretty much every other industry that might be in one way or another connected to its new product. Including NASCAR, that is.

The past weekend, the Windows team traveled to the Pocono Raceway to get in touch with Windows 10 enthusiasts and convince them to upgrade, offering VIP passes to a couple of lucky fans who were there to watch the race.
“Watch the #Windows10 team take the fun up at notch at the NASCAR® Windows 10 400 Pocono Raceway. Twenty two lucky winners got the VIP experience of their lives — including a visit from Dale Earnhardt Jr,” Redmond says in the description of the video.
For Windows 10, Microsoft debuted a campaign called “Upgrade Your World,” which calls for everyone to support the community and install Windows 10 on their PCs.
Basically, with this effort, Redmond's looking to help everyone to benefit from the free Windows 10 upgrade offer, which is available for those running genuine Windows 7 or 8 on their computers.
Upgrading these PCs is a priority for the company, as it's aiming at installing Windows 10 on 1 billion devices by 2017 and with Windows 7 now running on half of the PCs worldwide, anyone can figure out why doing this as soon as possible is critical.