For those wondering about what has been happening at the moment, is that I dieNal have been on a holiday for at least a week, but that hasn't stopped me, we're still recruiting sure, it's a little slow at the moment but we'll pick up eventually and some other good news. You may have heard that big brother will be watching you when you upgrade to Window's 10 right? But that hasnt stopped us fellow gamers before has it? AnyWay, we here at PGTME are not going to stop you from using PGTME with Windows 10, but please, at least try to use a vpn when doing so, if you can't no big deal still.

If you are using a vpn, let us know so that way we might not disable your account cause of interesting activities.

GAME ON Fellow Gamers.


P.S. there is still a category icons competition going on, so please don't be afraid to jump on in and join the fun