Bitsoup will shut-down Aug 28th

This is not a threat. This is not a scam.

Each and every month we ask our members do support Bitsoup. Since April we have been behind in bills always trying to catch up.

August was no different except 1 thing.

This month all of our vendor's are demanding full payment or they will suspend services. I guess they are as tired as we are waiting on monies to keep this operation going. This is what I woke up to today via email. Great way to start a day.

I do not care what class each member is in. I do not care if a donation was made before.

We have done all we can to keep bitsoup alive. There are 2 Major promo's active and we are bringing in pennies.

We have 7-days before 100% closure of our site.

This is not a good time for any of this to happen. We are so close to getting past the slow summer and things always pick up in Sept.

We have been working on new idea's to bring in monies to help support the site but they are not ready to go without monies.

Please do not ignore this.

Other torrent sites have closed down for what ever reason. Other torrent sites are having money issues but they are not Bitsoup.

Use the promo's if you desire.

Or just send a donation in using our donation page. If we are gone Aug 28th we will not be back.

The ball is in our members court. I have tried to make arrangements to buy us time but that time has run out.

Thank you from all the staff @ Bitsoup