Call of Duty Black Ops lll is still a few months away, but that hasn’t stopped Activision and Treyarch from announcing more info. For those unaware, this new installment in the series is the sequel to Call of Duty Black Ops ll from 2012. Since then, we’ve had a lot of improvements to the gaming world including new consoles, better and bolder titles including Star Wars Battlefront, and more expansions to Battlefield Hardline. We’re updating you on everything you need to know about Call of Duty Black Ops lll, all the way up until its release this November. Don’t forget the Beta for Call of Duty Black Ops lll starts on August 19th, that’s just 48 hours from now so if you haven’t done so already get your preorder in at your local retailer!
call of duty black ops 3 poster

COD: Black Ops 3 is set for a release on the 6th of November this year (for Wondows PS4, PS3, Xbox One and 360)


Call of Duty’s storylines have always been very linear, all the way up until Call of Duty Advanced Warfare that is. With this new adaptation, we’ll be looking even further into the future in 2065 AD, almost 40 years after the last game. At this point Air defense systems are so advanced that they cancel each other out, to the point most warfare between rival countries is done by black ops teams behind enemy lines.
call of duty black ops 3 bow

Yep, you are free to pretend that you´re Rambo in COD: Black Ops 3.

Science and technology have changed both the landscape and the soldiers fighting these wars. Scientists have attempted to advance military technology amid protests which have turned violent. This technology, has advanced to the point that robotics play the majority role in combat, and supersoldiers have been bred to fight in the battlefield. The human race has finally reached the point where they are considered to be more machine than man. As a result, there is fear about an eventual robot takeover. The story will center on a team of Black Ops soldiers who, like in previous versions of the game, will have supersoldier capabilities
call of duty black ops 3 female warrior

Pick your game mode, gear, character and class, and prepare yourself for war!

Gameplay Modes:


There will be two zombie storylines in Call of Duty Black Ops lll. The first will be called Shadows of Evil, the second The Giant. In Shadows of Evil, you’ll play as a team of characters who reside in the fictional city of Morg. You’ll be guided by a mysterious and often unreliable figure known as the Shadow Man. This story will tie into Mob of the Dead from Call of Duty Black Ops ll. The Giant, will focus on alternate versions of the original characters: Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki, and Edward Richtofen, who were introduced in Call of Duty Black Ops ll Origins. Their story will continue where origins left off in an attempt to rewrite the original games timeline history.

Campaign mode:

The new gameplay of Call of Duty Black Ops lll, has been overhauled in an attempt to create newer fans of the series. You still have 4-player cooperative gameplay, a customizable soldier whose gender can be selected by players, and more open arena gameplay that allows you to use multiple ways to complete a level. You’ll also have a new XP progression system in the new zombie modes.


This will introduce a new movement system, and a new class of character called: Specialists. Under this character class, players can choose from 9 different soldiers with different abilities. The new “Gunsmith” mode will allow you to customize weapons through different combinations, and they’re even throwing in a camo designer.


The beta for Call of Duty Black Ops lll will start on August 19, 2015 and run until August 30, 2015. It will offer players a great incentive for pre-ordering to get it. You’ll receive in-game items from Call of Duty Advance Warfare, such as custom reticles, an emblem, a calling card, and advanced supply drops.

Special editions:

Activision and Treyarch really pulled out all the stops on this game, they’re giving players a reason to love them even better than when they offered night vision goggles in Call of Duty Modern Warfare lll. The special editions are nothing to take lightly, as they’re giving free swag, and bonus content for all who pick them up.

Digital Deluxe edition:

Call of Duty Black Ops lll (DLC)
Season pass

Juggernog edition:

Call of Duty Black Ops lll (Disc)
Season pass
Mini refridgerator
Multiple in-game content pieces

Hardened editon:

Call of Duty Black Ops lll (Disc)
Official Soundtrack (DLC)
Collectible steelbook
Limited editon Concept artwork
Multiple in-game content pieces

call of duty black ops 3 gun

It´s not a Black Ops game if it doesn´t have tons of awesome guns.

Sony will be working on the Japanese version of the title for its release overseas. Square Enix, who used to handle Call of Duty’s release in japan could still deliver the Xbox One and PC versions. One thing is certain looking at all Activision and Treyarch are offering fans: This will be a great year for Call of Duty. Don’t forget, aside from these great announcements we still have the Tokyo Games Show coming up. We could be pleasantly surprised there with even more for the Japanese market concerning Call of Duty—or other great titles.