Halo 5: Guardians, the next iteration in the popular shooter franchise from Microsoft and 343 Industries, won't show the face of long-time protagonist Master Chief, although no reasoning was given for this decision.

Halo 5 launches this October and promises to tell a brand-new story starring the main character of the franchise, Master Chief. This time around, however, the game promises to go in-depth about the famous protagonist, exploring his motivations, while introducing a secondary main character, in the form of Agent Locke.
Many other supporting characters, who'll help both Master Chief and Locke in their endeavors, are going to appear, some coming back from past installments.
After sharing all sorts of details in recent months about the upcoming shooter, 343 Industries has once again talked about the different events that will happen to Master Chief.
According to Creative Director Tim Longo, one major event – the reveal of Master Chief's face – won't happen in this story. He explains, via NeoGAF, that the main character isn't going to take his helmet off, so fans won't get any glimpses at his face.
It's unclear just what specific adventures are going to take place in the campaign of Halo 5: Guardians, as both 343 Industries and Microsoft are trying to keep spoilers under wraps.
You can expect more information to appear in the following weeks.