All TTG users received the following message from a mass PM but it is a hoax. Their site was breached so DO NOT make a donation.

We need donations today to pay for servers!
All donations above 0.10 btc will be credited with VIP status for lifetime and 3TB upload bonus, if you are already VIP you will get 10 TB upload bonus

Send btc here : 1Lp43Z26WJ77JJM9UGWS1R48UNeDz7UBRY
After you donate send an e-mail to with your username and the amount in btc you donated
This is a confirmation from their staff of the breach:
Any kind of donation message is FAKE!
Please refer to the following link for the official update:
url removed
ToTheGlory Team‘‘'
Update1: If you have already sent some BTC to that liar‘s BTC address, please PM me the snapshot that can prove the transaction, we will make compensation.
Update2: Emergency measures were taken to avoid further losses. We will enhance our security system soon.
The site is currently down while they try to correct the issue.