Hello guys!

We are informing of changes in Sharing Rules. The change is highlighted in red.
Thank you all and keep on sharing!
If you have questions, please contact the Staff.

Team Speed ​​+ MSJP

Speed ​​+ MSJP wrote:


1- When sending a file, the uploader must share it at least up to 5 complete downloads or 5 days (or the equivalent of 120 hours) whichever comes first. The violation of this rule may result in warning or greater sanction.
2- When sending a file, it is mandatory to inform the time and part of the day during which the release is going to be shared.
3- Inactive releases:
3.1- No seed: may be replaced if they continue 12 hours after the request for re-seed.
3.2- When longer than 31 days: can be replaced at any time without notice.
3.3- When longer than 60 days: will be automatically deleted without notice.
4- The user which download a release not sharing it may be warned or even banned without notice.