Site news

Hi everyone,

this is just a post to explain some of the changes here recently.
The site is now closed for open registration and is invite only, invitation is subject to confirmation by email.

The recent rule changes.

A number of new members have joined using proxies and taken large amounts of torrents anonymously.

Unfortunately because some new members have taken advantage of our kind nature and have raided our Site heavily,these new policies need to be enforced for the time being to weed out these raiders who do not share.

Every new user who has registered with a proxy has been PMed and asked to confirm their account by logging on from home,or providing a valid reason why they cannot, & many have not replied to the PMs.
We require them to do this so we can identify those members who take many torrents and then leave without seeding,as it enables us to identify them if they do the same again over and over again.

(Any IP information here is accessible ONLY by staff and is never shared - period).

Those who have replied or complied, are able to carry on using ANY anonymising method to access and use the site.

This weekend, every user who has not responded to the Initial PM or logged in with their own IP will be emailed.If there is no response to 2 Emails within 7 days, downloads will be suspended for that user until a response is received.
If there is no further response after 2 months we will disable the account.

However we will be looking at each account individually and on its own merits so if the user being looked at has seeded and shared, - i.e. is active and using the site as a productive member we WILL be lenient,

(If you are a member who receives an email, talk to us - we`re approachable people and understand the restrictions some people registering are under, if you have a good reason for the exclusive use of a proxy then tell us).

The ten torrent per day (for NEW users) rule is to enable us to identify people who grab torrents in bulk(generally with the intention of uploading to another site). i.e. "raiding".
If you are a normal user who has been a member for some time and have followed rules you have nothing to worry about.

ANY new member has 50MB upload to begin with so cannot grab more than 50 MB initially anyway until those torrents are seeded to site guidelines, & this is the same on most sites. even grabbing ten torrents a day will get you 70 books per week,& seeding those books will promote you to power user rapidly.

power users and above have no restrictions.

We want to stress that we value ALL members here equally with no prejudice to user class, nationality, color, creed or religion.
All are welcome. And that these rules are for the benefit of the entire site, the more people who use this site productively,who share and stay within the rules, the better it becomes for everyone.

Happy torrenting people.