TTs Merging

Dear members of TTsWeb,
I am writing this pm to deliver some bad news, the time has come to finally close down, it was a hard decision as it was something I enjoyed doing.
I have made this decision as it was a choice run TTsWeb and have no food or have food and have no website, as everyone would think, I choose food over the website.
Our members are not at a loss as we're merging our database into another tracker, one which I've been helping over the past 4 months, the tracker delivers the same content as TTsWeb.
Our donators will get VIP over there, that won't change at all, The staff which are active and wishes to continue to help, can do over on the new place.
We want to thank each and everyone of you for the support you've given TTsWeb over the years.
The site we have merged with is -

Those members that have logged into TTsWeb should not need to recover there passwords on crazy-mayhem.
Crazy-Mayhem also has an irc setup at port +6697 for ssl and 6667 for normal.
Btw if anyone needs me on Crazy-Mayhem I go via JohnDoe on there.
I have decided to make some serious life online changes and they all start with a new username.

Kindest Regards
AW Owner of TTsWeb