The development team at Capcom is announcing that it plans to run stress tests for Street Fighter V on Tuesday, August 25, and Wednesday, August 26, in North and South America, starting on both days at 4 PM Pacific Daylight Time and keeping the action going until 12 PM.

The company claims that the testing on both European and Asian markets went well, despite the fact that a lot of players were reporting problems with their connections and with the core mechanics of the fighting game.
Capcom adds in its announcement that "All data received during each of the stress tests will help us improve the online experience moving forward, and we appreciate your understanding and support."
The publisher also says that it is better to experience the stress test for Street Fighter V via a wired Internet connection rather than using Wi-Fi.
At the same time, gamers should avoid downloads in order to ensure the best quality for gameplay.
The stress test for Street Fighter V is designed to allow the company to gather some data about the infrastructure and does not affect the time it will dedicate to the classic beta period.
The fighting game will be launched on the PC and the PlayStation 4 in March of next year, and Capcom says that it plans to introduce mechanics and characters that will innovate the genre.