The development team at Boss Key Productions, which is led by well-known video game developer Cliff Bleszinski, is offering gamers a first teaser linked to its new project, which does not yet have an official name but uses the slogan After the Shattering.

Gamers will be able to take a look at a rather confusing thirty seconds that do not offer any clear information about the genre that the title will use but do suggest a post-apocalyptic setting.
Cliff Bleszinski has said on Twitter that gamers who believe that will be the world used by the title are mistaken.
A new trailer that will use the After the Shattering theme will be delivered tomorrow.
A full reveal for the new project created by Boss Key Productions will be offered by the studio on Wednesday of this week.
Cliff Bleszinski has suggested that he is seeking to tweak some of the core elements of the shooter genre, but it's unclear whether he plans to compete with the likes of Halo 5: Guardians or Gears of War 4 or if he plans to create an entirely different kind of video game.
The developer is best known for the work that he has done on the Gears of War series earlier in his career and for his promotional efforts on behalf of it.