Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare developer Sledgehammer Games confirms that it's going to be releasing one last batch of downloadable content for the popular first-person shooter next week, on September 1, in the form of three new guns, including the popular AK47 and M16, as well as new Royalty variants of existing weapons.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare made its debut in November of last year across PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 platforms. Since then, developer Sledgehammer Games has released a myriad of new content, both free for all owners but also premium ones, like the four major map packs.

The last batch of DLC brings several weapons and new Royalty variants

After releasing the fourth and final expansion, Sledgehammer has revealed on its website the last major batch of new content for Advanced Warfare. The studio wants to bring three all-new weapons as well as the final set of Royalty variants for existing guns next week, starting on September 1.
First up, in terms of all-new things, fan favorite weapons the AK47 and M16 rifles are going to join Advanced Warfare. The classic guns will each have five unique versions that are given to players via regular or Advanced Supply Drops. Once they receive one variant, the base weapon is also going to be unlocked in their inventories.
The third and final weapon is without a doubt familiar to those who've enjoyed the Exo Zombies cooperative mode, as the CEL-3 automated directed energy shotgun is coming to the competitive multiplayer of Advanced Warfare. There are two different variants, and just like with the guns above, the base model unlocks once you score one of them via regular or Advanced Supply Drops.
Last but not least, the third and final batch of Royalty Elite variants are also set to debut next week, this time bringing not only the purple finish for the weapons but also increased range. The guns included in this batch are the XMG, AE4, Atlas 45, EM1, EPM3, MK14, MP11, MP443 Grach, S-12, RW1, and the SN6.
All the new content will go live in Advanced Warfare on September 1 for the Xbox One. Afterwards, PC and PS4 owners will also get them.