After a few days forced a break to welcome you, dear users, to PolishSource. Break was forced to technical reasons. First difficulties in the functioning of PS caused a DDoS attack, and later a defective hard drive of the server. We were forced to order a new server. Unfortunately, the PS back with a copy of the data from June 11, as the most recent backups of August turned out to be damaged. Working hard defective created backups. Long we fought to recover the data, but we did not. We could also use the help server, but it would involve giving the password to the encrypted drive. For the safety of your data we abandoned this option and chose the lesser of two evils or coming back from the June date. We are aware of the enormity of the difficulties that await us in the first days after the "restart", however, we undertake to fight and believe that restore the flash and everything will return to normal, and even will be even better.

For a few days there may be some minor problems with the operation of services - any errors, please report HelpDesk. We are constantly working to restore full functionality. By the accident we lost a lot. 1197 psig inserts, users from the last registration, upload and BP statistics of two months, a change of rank, history subsidies. However, there is something that could not be played back. Surely you will not losers, we can promise you. Each reward losses. A missing inserts are inserted again (unfortunately not all) and will automatically connect you to SEEDA. The vast majority of internal inserts are already on the PS.

Remember that we are always available for you at the HelpDesk, the channel #support on our IRC and Twitter.
We especially recommend follow on Twitter if you have any technical problems on the site.

Any request for data restoration or bonuses available before the failure should be directed to the HelpDesk.
We will try to consider each case as soon as possible but please be patient because we have a lot of work. Please note perfect pass information about opening a new ticket for HD.

Complaints regarding grants should be directed at the this department.
Here a small note: from 27 to 30 August, our book will be absent, so please be patient when returning each to take.

Any changes and repair consumed a lot of time and a lot of money. Our private. We hope that you, our users, do not forget about us in difficult moments, and you show that PS is the strength and unity! We are very happy for their support during the accident on Twitter.

At the end we can only apologize for the situation and hope that it will not happen again.

The crew PS!!!