• 28.08.2015 - Staff Positions OpenWe need few new staff members for First Line Support (FLS) and Moderator positions who can regularly help on the site. Preferable choice are VIP's, Power user members or users with 1+ ratio and more than 4 weeks on the site.

    Work to be handled by FLS includes helping users in forums, sorting their seeding and getting connectable issues .. and for Moderators includes this as well as taking actions on all other issues that arise.

    Criteria :
    1. You MUST not be staffing any other torrent site.
    2. Pretty knowledgeable in bittorrent concepts.
    3. Working daily and regularly for site.
    4. knowledgeable with the rules and regulations on Elbitz.
    5. Ability to work in a team amicably - Team Spirit

    Interested members should please PM me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.