Recent Downtime //Posted by Admin

Sorry for the recent downtime we experienced. It seems there is someone who has a grudge against bitGAMER. We want to make a few things clear about these recent events.

We had some messages on our twitter account asking if we stored member passwords in plaintext. This is not true, and we have never stored any passwords in plaintext. Anyone who would like to confirm this can visit sourceforge and download the original script to see for themselves.

It's correct that someone found an exploit within our site code and was able to gain access to our database and add an additional field to try and store members passwords (using an old SHA1 encryption method). We do not store passwords in SHA1 and never will, it is easily decrypted and has been for some time. Be assured that these additional fields have been removed!

We have decided to move over to a different source code that is more up to date, and which also allowed us to transfer all of our data. Our most recent backup was from roughly two days before we went offline. We have also added a Passkey System which should help members who use seedboxes. Everyone will need to re-download their torrents in order to be given a passkey. Please remember to search via dead torrents to see our entire torrent collection.

We also now have two different themes. Our original dark theme is still available as well as a light theme, go to your profile and change the option under stylesheet to suit your preference.

bitGAMER is now invite only and will remain that way.

All members have been forced to reset their password due to recent events. Please use a password that is unique to this website and not used elsewhere. This includes using uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

We are still making some adjustments to the site, so if you find any errors please report them in our forums.

//bG Staff