Microsoft says that Windows 10 adoption is going really well these days, and right now, no less than 75 million PCs worldwide are already running the new operating system.

While these are indeed surprising figures, given the fact that Windows 10 has been around for one month, it turns out that the new software is also experiencing a pretty good success in the enterprise business too, where customers rush to install it on their PCs.
According to Microsoft watcher Rod Trent, Windows 10 is currently installed on 1.5 million PCs in the enterprise, and although that might not seem like a big number, it’s a very important achievement for the software giant in this particular industry where customers need to pay for every single license of the operating system.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch for enterprises

The free Windows 10 upgrade offer, which was available for computers running Windows 7 and 8.1, was offered to consumers who previously purchased Home or Pro versions of the older operating systems, so enterprises still had to pay for their licenses.
This means that, out of the 75 million Windows 10 installs, approximately 73.5 million were performed as part of the free upgrade offer, so it’s easy to see why it is important for Microsoft to improve its numbers in the enterprise.
Windows 8.1 has never been a hit in the enterprise, and that’s exactly why Microsoft hopes to convince as many companies as possible to adopt Windows 10. Many enterprises decided to skip Windows 8.1 completely and wait for a new release, and now that Windows 10 is finally available for purchase, the Redmond-based tech giant can start working with them to upgrade their PCs.
On the bright side, Windows 10 works smoothly on Windows 7 PCs too, so enterprises whose computers are powered by the OS version released in 2009 do not have to purchase new hardware to perform the upgrade.