Microsoft has rolled out another update for Windows 10 apps today, once again without providing any change log.

Fortunately, the Windows Store, which is one of the apps that have gotten updated, includes a number of visible tweaks, such as a brand new icon that's now pinned to the taskbar.
Microsoft revamped the Windows Store completely for Windows 10, and it now has a fresh interface and new categories, such as movies, music, and TV shows. The store will soon become the home of browser extensions when this feature arrives in Edge.
But today, Redmond has made some subtle changes to the store and added a new icon that's now pinned to everyone's desktop.
At the same time, it has also removed the option that allowed users to “only update the tile when I'm on Wi-Fi,” so even if you're not using a Wi-Fi connection, the tile should now update automatically. This feature continues to be available on mobile devices though.
What's more, the “Downloads” section has been renamed to “Downloads and updates” to better express its purpose, as it can also be used to update existing applications when new versions are available.
In order to update the store app, you have to fire up the old store and check for updates. The update should be downloaded and installed automatically on your PC. Once it completes the process, the store is closed and relaunched, with the new icon to show up in the taskbar.