If you’re a Windows 10 user already, you've probably noticed that the updates that Microsoft is rolling out for the operating system these days come with no change logs, or if any release notes are available, they are incredibly vague.

Needless to say, many users are pretty disappointed with all the secrecy around these updates, and in a statement released recently, the company has expressed no intention to provide change logs for the updates it ships for Windows 10.
The reason is as simple as it could be: the company only wants to detail big updates, so cumulative updates and small patches will get no change logs at all.
But it appears that this strategy will only be used for consumers.

Businesses will get change logs

Microsoft Corporate Vice President Jim Alkove said during a company meeting with journalists at the headquarters in Redmond that change logs would be provided, but only for businesses.
This means that only those running Windows 10 Enterprise could get access to these release notes, and while this could make sense at some level, it’s certainly disappointed news for the millions consumers who have already installed the new operating system.
In essence, there’s no doubt that enterprise users need to know what’s in every single update, but so do consumers, especially because these patches could bring changes in terms of performance and built-in OS features. In the case of enterprises, they might want to delay installation, and that’s why Microsoft plans to provide them with change logs.
Windows 10 Home users get all updates automatically installed on their PCs, so no matter if they have release notes or not, they still receive every single patch that Microsoft ships. But it’s all just a communications issue, so Microsoft might want to rethink this strategy if it really intends to continue working closely with its consumers (who, after all, tested Windows 10 during this whole time).