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    BitSoup : News

    Bitsoup's Upcoming Changes :

    Hello All,

    First I would like to personally thank everyone that rallied behind Bitsoup to keep it online and getting us much closer to having everything current. Without you this wouldn't have been possible. For those that haven't been able to make a donation yet, that's perfectly OK as Bitsoup needs support every single month that we're online servicing our community, but we also totally understand that not all our great members can make a monetary donations and that's fine too, as we're sure your contributing in other ways where you're needed as well.

    Unfortunately, the majority of our members still do not fall into the outlined areas above. We can only assume after many discussions that most members feel that it's not their responsibility to help, or have subjective reasoning why they don't. These members need to thank their fellow donating members, as if not for them, they wouldn't have Bitsoup at all. Having said that, our donating members can not keep floating the site month after month for everyone that isn't willing to do their own part and help out as well. They've been doing you a favor for over a decade, so please pay-it-forward. Support those members that have been supporting you and allowing you to use the site.

    If we all just did a little no one would have to do a lot but yet we'd all benefit greatly. We could all live happily ever after and Bitsoup wouldn't have to mention anything to anyone ever, and we could see our donation issues being a thing of the past for good!

    Up to now, Bitsoup has taken the belief that only our members could change the health of the site and has left it in our members' hands for almost 12 years. This isn't true and you know how the saying goes; talk is cheap. We get called on it all the time, and rightfully so. The site has made plenty of mistakes and the biggest ones have been site structure and upkeep since around 2010, but the problems facing Bitsoup are shared ones between all of us, which brings us to some serious changes.

    It is evident that Bitsoup must change the way things are done, what is excepted, and how things are structured. Otherwise, the only other option is sit back and allow the site to be slowly killed in these tough times as it has been over the past several years. For the last 18mths we've worked on site staffing and procedures, now it's time to work on site and class structure.

    We very recently took a poll to get a general consensus of what our members thought about having a paid membership model. Not only was this poll presented to the general community, but was extensively covered in our VIP Forums, and I can tell you that a good majority (most in fact) of your fellow VIP members wanted to go paid despite anything that would have followed.

    I have every reason to believe that our current donor base would continue to do just that if needed and at least half of the members that said 'yes' would as well, but that's not something we ever want to do and will prevent from happening at all cost if we can. That would also mean, most of you would no longer be here and something else we don't want to see happen.. we love you all and want you to be able to use Bitsoup as an open community, but moving forward there must be limits on who is allowed to do what and how they do it.

    Taking this in consideration, we knew that we couldn't go to a mandated membership without the site's position legally changing and having to change many things in the back-end to support a more Usenet like interface. We also know there are better ways to achieve the same general outcome without putting everyone at risk, so we have collaborated with our donors and have come up with what we feel is the best format anyone could have ever hoped for. One that not only benefits the site, but more importantly benefits and supports you the member to the fullest.

    An unlimited Bitsoup for only 5 dollars (less than 17 cents a day) without closing the doors on anyone!

    The first step will start today! This will be adjusting our current PCVIP format to the equivalent of only 5 dollars a month (cheaper than it has ever been in the past). We using the term unlimited as it really will be the best bang for your buck once the other changes are in place. I don't think anyone can reasonably argue that Bitsoup isn't worth every penny.

    Without going into great detail, we're prepared to release a beta list of what's coming by year's end.. most of which will be implemented by the end of the month going into October. We're releasing this information now instead of closer to implementation to make you all aware of what's coming and to give you time to make an informed decision and to dig the change out of your couches. This month will tell us how far we must take things, so please do not believe any of the following are empty threats.

    We will not discuss these changes in detail in the open forums and your post will be locked (you been warned). The only question is when and how many we must make. If you want to know why we think they're good ideas, please ask your fellow donors that give you Bitsoup, as for the most part these are their changes and what they want to see for their dollars. After careful deliberations we agree on the following items, but not limited to..

    Coming Soon or already in place 2015

    * Unlimited Bitsoup for only 5/mth (currently full pcvip)
    * Monthly Downloading Caps
    * Monthly Download Resets
    * Stricter Class requirements
    * New Class (super user)
    * New Uploader/Uploading Options
    * No Credit over 250GB
    * No Announcements for VIP and above (site updates excluded)
    * Suspension Program
    * Redistribution of Site Extras
    * New H&R Scripts
    * No More Support Battles
    * Monthly Prize Promos Only! (hence current poll)

    Changes set for 2016

    * Removal of current standard VIP classes (back to basics, you're either a supporter with benefits or not)
    * New Site Design (was set for BDAY 2015 not happening after summer chaos)
    * New Functional Site Features and APIs
    * Re-Grand Opening of Casino with Updates
    * IN-house Store with Novelties as well as Site Function Items (request tokens, invites, freeleech etc)

    There you have it, what we feel are the first steps in making a difference regarding the way Bitsoup operates and ultimately why it is supported. The easiest way to not be affected by any of the negative changes is to simply become PCVIP now and rest assured knowing that you're not only supporting your fellow members, but allowing yourself all the comforts of an unlimited ratio free torrent site, which is much better than Usenet for half the cost and incomparable security.

    Despite everything said and done in the past, now is the time to decide what Bitsoup means to you and if you would really rather loose one of the best and oldest sites around. Bitsoup pioneered the torrenting world and is the grandfather of most features you find on every other site, but the time has come once again to change the way we torrent and start thinking outside the box, and these changes will be the start of a new frontier.

    Thank you all for reading and good luck in whatever you decide.
    Hopefully, that means strengthening our community, support and overall site when all is said and done!

    You may find the new layout here UNLIMITED BITSOUP

    -On Behalf of Everyone at Bitsoup-

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    it's a big ol mess over there right now, users get bombarded with these notices every other day

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