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    20 must-know keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10

    With Windows 10, Microsoft has added a ton of new keyboard shortcuts to give you easier access to the new Action Center, Cortana, Task View, and virtual desktops. So much so, in fact, that Microsoft recently released a handy-dandy Word document with Windows 10’s Windows key shortcuts to aid in your study.

    If you’re new to keyboard shortcuts, however, one glance at that list can be overwhelming—and there are plenty of keyboard shortcuts that don't involve the Windows key whatsoever. To help you streamline it a bit, here’s a list of 20 must-know shortcuts for Windows 10.
    This isn’t just a list for Windows 10, however. Many of these shortcuts work with older versions of Windows, and you'll find a few standard browser shortcuts as well. If you’re on Windows 7 or 8.1 but new to shortcuts this list will also help you take control of your Windows machine and make you more efficient by lessening your dependence on the mouse.
    Windows 10’s newest features

    Windows key + A: Open the Action Center
    Windows key + C: Launch Cortana in listening mode (for voice commands)
    Windows key + I: Open the Settings app
    Windows key + S: Launch Cortana
    Windows key + Tab: Open Task View
    Windows key + Ctrl + D: Create a new virtual desktop
    Windows key + Ctrl + F4: Close the current desktop
    Windows key + Ctrl + left or right arrow: switch between virtual desktops

    Standard Windows shortcuts

    Windows key (Windows 7 and up): Open/close the Start menu
    Windows key + X (Windows 8.1 and 10): Open/close the Start button’s right-click context menu
    Windows key + left or right arrow (Windows 7 and up): snap current window to right or left of screen
    Windows key + E (Windows 7 and up): Launch File Explorer
    Windows key + L (Windows 7 and up): Lock the desktop
    Alt + PrtScn (Windows 7 and up): Take a screenshot of current window and copy it to your clipboard
    Windows key + PrtScn (Windows 8.1 and 10): Take a screenshot of entire display and save to Computer > Pictures > Screenshots

    Browser shortcuts (works in Edge and most other browsers)

    Ctrl + T: Open new tab
    Ctrl + D: Bookmark page
    Ctrl + L: Highlight current URL (good for typing a new address or copying the current one)
    Ctrl + Tab: Cycle through your open tabs
    Ctrl + Enter: add “.com” to the end of a web address (e.g. type ‘google’ then Ctrl + Enter to get google.com)

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    1 Must know SHortchut for windows 10 :

    Screw win 10

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