When talking and dealing with staff (as well as other fellow members alike) you're expected to be polite/respectful at all times, even when disagreement comes about.

Attitudes that are deemed unfriendly will not be tolerated and will result in warnings and more often than not being permanently banned from here.

It's a shame we need to post such a notice but of late, some people think BitHQ is a right, and not a privilege (as goes for every private tracker you've been invited to). Please just think in future before posting private messages that could offend individuals or be easily taken wrongly etc.

The same can be said for people questioning site policies/practices openly in the forums.

At the end of the day we simply want the place to be welcoming, not a battlefield as can unfortunately happen at times.

Should you have any questions in relation as to what's expected please check our rules page, or submit a support ticket here.