Slow down. It's back to school time! The kid's life you save, may be that of your own!

As most of you know, I had over 2,000 torrents I was torrenting from my home pc via uTorrent. That was until one day when uTorrent said I had 0 torrents. I had not lost the actual data files themselves, but uTorrent had lost all of the torrent files.

It was going to be a monumental task to put all of them back. So I decided to stop using uTorrent and to stop torrenting from my home pc completely. From now on, I decided to use a seedbox only.

Whenever you search for a torrent, you should search not only for the Active torrents but also for dead ones. Then if you find a torrent that has been on the site but is no longer being seeded, you can contact the uploader (assuming they're still a member) OR one of the many downloaders to see if they can re-seed it for you.

The nick of the uploader is stated outright. What some don't yet know is that you can also find the nick of everyone that has downloaded the torrent as well. Two lines above where the comments begin is a line for all the peers. Immediately to the right of the seeds and/or leechers will be a number(s). If you click on the actual number (24 for example), you'll see a list of both the seeders and leechers which you can then contact.

Obviously, begin by contacting the uploader. If they are no longer a member, no longer have the file or simply don't respond, try contacting any of the downloaders who downloaded the entire file.

If any of them can't actually "reseed the file" (this can happen for many reasons), they can simply put up a new torrent if they have the actual file.

This goes double for any of the torrents I've uploaded. If you search for one, find it no longer seeded, contact me. I'll "re-seed," "put up a new torrent" or let you ftp it from me or one of my seedboxes.

Any questions, just ask me.