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Chinese high-definition the new LOGO collecting 10 second round of voting has been generated, LOGO campaign to enter the final stage!

Voting rules:

Voting time: 2012 10 11 - 10 18

Vote in the voting district at the homepage, each member may vote only for a LOGO, the final number of votes elected 1,2,3, not into the top three of the Membership Rewards: 15W magic, invited 15 .

1) A reward: Lifetime VIP 100W magic, invited 30 ID appended station a unique graphic identity, honor last forever;
2) Bonus: 12 VIP, 50W magic, inviting 25;
3) Three awards: 6 months VIP 30W magic, invited 20.

(Activity Award will be after the end of the event, the uniform payment)





在 网站首页投票区投票,每位会员只能投票一个LOGO,最终按得票数选出1、2、3名,其它未进前三名的会员 奖励:15W魔力、邀请15枚。

第1名奖励:终身VIP,100W魔力、邀请30枚,ID后面附加全站唯一图形标识,荣誉永存 ;