Dear friends,
A month has passed since our last news, and we didn't want you to think we have forgotten about v1.
We want to assure you we are working on v1 as fast as we can, but unfortunately with it still being summer (lol) people are on vacation and we can't ask someone who gives his free time to work on their holiday.
In the mean time we have added some new features like sticky and fast torrent icons, which will be added in upload.php.
Unfortunately we also have some bad news. From the beginning we said that the servers for the site, for auto-upload, protection and for 30TB storage will be paid for from our own money, and this is not changing. Until this month, we have been able to afford several additional servers for storage, using staff money, along with some donations and one very generous user who I want to thank publicly.
But after this month, those additional 4 servers will not be available any more due to lack of donations. So for the first time in nearly one year, seeding now depends on you, the users.Our 30TB storage is too small for all our needs, but we have there the most important packs to be seeded, on a 1GB line.
If the donations grow, be sure that all money will be invested in additional servers. It has been our idea from day one for staff to help seed, and we will continue with that even if we need to take a minor pause.
On a positive note, our internal encoding team has new releases out which we hope you enjoy!
We also hope you will hear from us soon with the v1 announcement.
Hoping this message finds you healthy and happy,
Big love from the MTV Staff!

PS: In one week from now we will celebrate our first year.Another announcement will be posted then