New bot & Free Inkdrops!

Many of you will recall our old IRCBot, named Ultron. It never really worked like we wanted, so the developers got together and created an IRCBot designed especially for this site! We have named it Voltron, and we expect that it will provide an ever-growing list of features to our IRC users! It already supports the authorization functionality the old IRCBot had, but also is handling giving out the IRC Inkdrop bonus! Every hour that you're logged into theIRC server (after authenticating!), you will receive some number of Inkdrops.

Normally, the hourly bonus is some fraction of a point, but in order to attract people back toIRC (and to help test the bot), this bonus has been raised to 6 per hour! That's 144 Inkdrops per 24 hours on top of whatever your seeding earns!

I should mention that you are currently able to join channels without authenticating. This will change as soon as the bot exits its testing phase. And the extra Inkdrop bonus will disappear shortly thereafter! So please help us test our new software, while helping your Inkdrop balance!

If you need a reminder of how to get IRCworking, please check the IRC section on the wiki.

CRONOS COMMANDS: If you are having problems joining #32p, go to your settings and make sure the channel is selected.

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