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Envious Hónaljmirigy - Take Dad on the quay

! Released envious Hónaljmirigy latest parody this time one of today's most successful band in the Well Hello to parody, pick the Embankment and Dad have hits on rolled into one. The clip, of course, it appears in the Well hello, but it appears even Dead Money, Punanny the Massif, and Majka Ganxsta Zolee well. Of course, all the people establish Gland, except Toldi, who was none other than Black Laci.

Download: Clip mp3 lossless Skor This summer, a sound musically mature material Skor came up with the boys. The Empty Space 3 song EP also stopped at the same place separately, but a concept, not an ordinary material, listening to progressive metal music is obtained. If a rule or clue musically ... well we do not want to look for. The highly visual experience for the listener double EP. The songs have an overall mood in that order. The crushing guitar riffs, fast-paced, outspoken lyrics and the melodies alternate with the softer instrumental songs. It characterized by absolute unpredictability. Yet from an interesting point: when we we believe that there is more power in the song and yet it can be something normal, you have a shovel thrown at him so that he could not expect. The novelty songs that touch many musical elements styling is dotted with not disappoints but the boys because a great hit ratios. Overall, a really cool, complex, progressive metal music has become.

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