Donor Appreciation Special

We love all our members, but the donors have an extra special place in our heart. Members make this community an awesome place to call home, but donors keep the lights on.

Running iS is not an easy task. Beyond the hundreds of labor hours our volunteer staff puts in each week is a technological nightmare of machines that serve to host this place we call home. Unfortunately, those machines aren't volunteers. More so, as iS continues to grow, the servers are nearing capacity in both bandwidth and sheer processor load.

To that end, we are running a donor appreciation Special. During the special all donations will receive double VIP time as our way of saying thanks. First time donors will also receive double upload credit!

VIP time is already doubled on the donation page, so what you see is what you are going to get. First time donors will receive their upload bonuses as they occur (please note that this is a manual process and so will not appear immediately...give us time, we are volunteers).

Thank you all for making iS such an epically special place