New Rules :

We have some very exciting news in store, but before we get there there's a few rule changes we should note:

1) DVD5s must contain unique features (be a special edition, have unique extras, etc) to co-exist with DVD9s. This is intended to cut down on the number of re-encoded/striped DVD5s on the site and keep the dvd9 swarms healthier.

2) There are some changes in regards to "forced subs" (English subtitles for small sections of non English dialogue):
Missing forced subs will factor higher into trumping decisions, but will not override things such as bloat or poor audio/video.
Official (non fan) forced subs are required for GP, but the forced flag is not. Including such subs in the upload (non muxed), or adding external subs and mentioning them in the torrent description will also suffice.
A forced sub option will be added to the subtitle manager.
A "Missing forced subs" option will be added to the trumpable reasons.

3) Encoders will now have a one hour grace period to upload their encode here -- provided they include a proper GP eligible description (full media info, comparison screens). If they upload a copy during that one hour grace period it will trump any previous uploads of the same file.

First line support!

PassThePopcorn is a massive project. Every week the staff here dedicate 200-500 hours of work to the site. As we continue to grow and expand it's become increasingly obvious that we could use a helping hand. Luckily for us, we have a phenomenal community to lean on! You guys are fantastic. You make this site what it is.

We've been talking about bringing FLS back for years now. Years of planning, months of coding, and an exhaustive search for candidates have all come together to create our very own First Line Support team!

Please give a warm welcome to:
(names removed)

They will all be spending countless hours assisting users in the days to come. And we couldn't be more excited to have them as part of our family.