Show/Hide Sep-08-15 - Happy MusicVids 10th Anniversary!

Dear Members!

It is that time of the year again when we celebrate our beloved tracker’s birthday. But this one is not just another birthday, it is the 10th Anniversary of MusicVids! Our site is becoming a teenager now.
MusicVids was founded on September 9, 2005 by two avid music video fans TSP and Smarty. Soon it became one of the best music video sites on the web and today it is still standing strong. During the 10 years passed we had our fair share of ups and downs, but throughout all that time our staff were always there to keep up with the users’ demands and maintained the site to the best of their abilities. We are utterly grateful to past and present staff members for their invaluable contribution to MusicVids. Some of our now retired, legendary staffers, whom you might well know, include, but are not in the least limited to: Broughty, Buz, CHUCKY, datman, decadence, DSh, genio, indica, J2S, Jozek, kingadam1985, Lam3rD, MatrimVidz, Merchant, minisatan, MiXiT, OndGaffel, Pantamorph, PeskyPig, philmie, Protech, rippersco, rocky7632, Soth, thunderbird, Tweek, White and many more. But it is not just the staff who make this site tick. Not by a longshot!

The main driving force of MusicVids are YOU, and the staff are only here to serve at your pleasure. Without its strong user base MusicVids would probably have failed within the first few years or even months, as many other well-known trackers did. We would be nowhere without your regular donations, your daily uploads and your continuous seeding, among many other things you do day-to-day to keep your favorite music video site alive. Staff would like to grab this opportunity and thank each and every one of our members for their unceasing and inexhaustible support of MusicVids. We hope you will continue to keep MusicVids alive for many more years!

Finally, it would not deserve to be called a birthday if there were no presents! Since this is a special, 10th Anniversary we have cooked up some unusual goodies for you to enjoy. First of all we would like to mention our previously announced MusicVids 10th Anniversary Birthday Contest, where contestants can win some never before offered prizes. FreeLeech (including exclusive torrents) will be on for the next 10 days, until September 19. Some of our best sharing members will receive bonus invites, which they could use to invite their friends to MusicVids. Keep in mind that inviting users who were already members here before and giving away or offering our invites on public sites is forbidden! Members who were disabled by the system due to inactivity could always come to our IRC support channel and ask to be re-enabled. Everyone deserves a second chance! Those who are not familiar with IRC clients can reach our support channel via Mibbit. It is also possible to ask to resurrect friends in a forum topic (Video Maniacs+ only) created especially for this purpose. Last but not least, we have implemented SSL to secure HTTP traffic on MusicVids. We intend HTTPS to be the only way to reach us, so make sure to update your bookmarks today, as HTTP will be turned off soon.

Hopefully this great event will be as big a holiday for you as it is for us. Happy MusicVids 10th Anniversary!

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