One and half months ago we only had 1.47 million peers and now we are about to hit 2 million peers. It's all because of our new hit and run system. Now our torrents will remain active longer so our new members could download and enjoy it.

IPT is getting stronger every day.

You may have noticed the downtime yesterday, but it was for a good reason!

We are very pleased to inform all members that IPTorrents has received a well deserved upgrade.

We are now running on the best available equipment that is currently on the market in regards to CPU and FUSION-IO ioDrive2 Duo.

We have taken the generous contributions from our loyal members and have put forth our best efforts to ensure that IPTorrents remains stable and running at top quality 24/7.

We appreciate your patience while we continue to make improvements daily! Please understand that while we are updating bugs will appear and things will not work properly, but be assured that everything will be addressed and IPTorrents will be running the best it ever has.

We would like to thank all of the members for their loyalty and commitment to keeping IPTorrents safe, clean and blazing fast! Without your support and contributions, none of this would be possible. Don't judge us because of our new hit and run system, we know what we are doing and what our plans are.

Halloween is not too far and IPTorrents prepared a few contests for you all to enjoy and win some prizes. Check them out in the forums. May the best pumpkin / banner / costume win!