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With the succession of high-definition television began broadcasting, TV shows, more and more resources in order to provide more high-quality resources, we have decided to expanded the existing drama program group, are now recruiting the following members:

The CHD drama program group Introduction: CHD drama program group affiliated CHD Alliance production team, with the recording of a group of rich technical expertise, repression staff. Whether it is satellite reception and cable reception knowledge, tablet technology, are second to none in the country. We have the spirit of sharing, the principle of quality for everyone at home and abroad to provide all kinds of HD programming. Here, there is no exclusive, to some cavity selfless dedication enthusiasm. Also welcome people to join us, and together we provide more and better TV programs!

1, recording: you can record the domestic and foreign high-definition television (CCTV-HD, CCTV1-HD, TVB, Hunan and other local stations; KBS and other Japanese and Korean TV stations and television stations in Europe and America) television programs; upload speed in 500k / s (4M fiber optic ) above; happy to share, can persist for everyone to share resources. PS: satellite high-definition, high-definition cable, terrestrial HD programs receiving recording technology exchange group: 20,620,375.

2, suppression of staff: machine configuration: mainstream dual-core (E7 Series) machine (preferably quad-core), 2G RAM, 500G hard drive upload speed above 500k / s (4M fiber); happy to share, to learn, enthusiastic, CHD have a sense of belonging and loyalty. Did not suppress the experience to meet the above criteria, we specifically responsible for training.

3, tracks offbearers: skilled operation of various types of audio and video software, track resource the must have Gangju Mandarin; work for recording group recorded Gangju add Mandarin tracks.

4, art and information officer: Proficiency in graphics software, and there is enough time online; major work of art production resources posters and all kinds of pictures; information officers work to provide for other recording member and repression member of the HD Radio broadcast by other sites similar resources released. Treatment: uploader irregularly issued the invitation; the prominent direct grant permanent vip; internal communication other potential treatment. In any case, perseverance, passion, loyalty is the most basic, if you just want to play just for fun, in fits and starts network, you do not waste everyone's time.

Contact: QQ: 1642477980; quoted group: their own conditions (can be recorded which recording mode; machine configuration, bandwidth, and ability to adhere to and others); contact information (preferably QQ)


随着国内高清电视台的陆续开播,电视剧等资源也越来越多,为了给大家提供更多优质资源,我们决 定将现有的电 视剧节目组进行扩编,现招募以下会员:CHD电视剧节目组简介:CHD电视剧节目组隶属于CH D联盟制作组 ,拥有一群有着丰富专业技术知识的录制、压制人员。无论是卫星接收、有线接收等知识,还是压片 技术,在国内 都 是首屈一指的。我们本着分享、优质的原则,为大家提供国内外各类高清节目。在这里,没有独享, 有的是一腔为 大家无私奉献的热情。在此,也欢迎有识之士加入 我们,共同为大家提供更多更好的电视节目!

1、录制人员:能录制国内外高清电视台(如CCTV-HD、CCTV1-HD、TVB、湖南等地方台;KBS等日韩电视台及欧美电视台)的电视节目;上传速度在500k/s(4M光纤)以上;乐于分享,能坚持为大家分享资源。PS:卫星高清、有线高清、地面高清节目 的接收录制 技术交流群:20620375。

2、压制人员:机器配置:主流双核(E7系列)以上机器(最好四核),2G内存以上,500G硬 盘以上上传 速度在500k/s(4M光纤)以上;乐于分享,好学、热心、对CHD有归属感,忠诚。没有压制经验的话,符合以 上条件,我 们专人负责培训。

3、音轨调整员:能熟练操作各类音视频软件,必须拥有港剧国语音轨资源;主要工作是为录制组录制 的港剧添加 国语音轨。

4、美工及信息员:能熟练操作绘图软件,有足够的上网时间;美工主要工作是制作资源海报及各类图 片;信息员 主要工作是为其他录制员和压制员提供高清电台节目播放时间及其他站点同类资源发布情况。待遇: upload er,不定期发放邀请;工作突出直接授予永久vip;内部交流等等其他潜在待遇。无论如何,贵在坚 持,热情 忠诚是最基本条件,如果您只是想玩玩票,三天打鱼两天晒网,就别浪费大家的时间了。

本人联系方式:QQ:1642477980;所报小组:自身条件(能录哪个台、录制方式;机器 配置、带宽、 能否坚持及其他);联系方式(最好QQ)