How to lose your account

Internet Security 101 here:

Never use the same username and password on more than one site!

If you do, and hackers compromise one site, they can take over your accounts everywhere else. We are currently disabling accounts that were hijacked in this manner.

If you have used your Karagarga password anywhere else please change it now, here and everywhere else!

This not only keeps your account safe, but it also helps keep Karagarga safe. We prefer that you use the same username for both your tracker and forum accounts, but you should use a different password for each.

A strong password is randomly generated and includes at least one upper case, one lower case, one number, and one special character in it, and is at least 20 digits long!. Obviously nobody can remember passwords like this so you will likely need to use a password manager, such as: (For all platforms.) (Windows) (Windows, Mac, Linux) (Android and iOS)

These are only a few of your options for password management. There is no need for you to ever use a weak or duplicated password again!

Stay safe!

(For all users.)