We changed the rule that was restricting the upload of HD (BluRay x264) to only the first 720p and first 1080p .

Now, if the movie is allready uploaded as a bluray x264 you can upload an other version....but ONLY if the quality is better than the ones allready on the site....and ONLY! if you upload it as a SubZero release.

That being said,

- we allow unlimited versions of SubZero for the same movie, as long as the new torrent has better quality than the ones that are allready on the site

- we allow unlimited HD bluray x264 versions for each movie, but while the first uploaded torrent CAN be from other release groups (non-SubZero)...the second 720p and the second 1080p must be SubZero.

* Independent encoders/releasers are NOT exempted from this rule ! They can upload their own release only if their version is the first 720p or the first 1080p on the site.