首先要说 组内是无任何金钱挂钩的 想进来赚钱的不用往下看了
还有 组内并无实质奖励 我们能做的就是分享的快乐

下面是正题 我们需要你的条件
1 录制国内港台地区节目

2 暂时不招募压制成员

如果你想加入我们 就加下面的QQ群吧

忘记说了 此次招募为全网招募 希望各位扩散 让想进来的同学看到

NGB-招募 183284497'

' NGB recruit new students -

first within the group is not to say that any money linked to want to come to make money not look down
and there is no real reward in the group we can do is to share the joy Here is the question we need your condition 1 record domestic Hong Kong and Taiwan show satellite or cable TV can - bandwidth requirements 400K or more to suppress the recruitment of members 2 temporarily if you want to join us to add the following QQ group now forget that the recruitment of recruitment for the whole network I hope that the students want to come diffusion let see NGB- recruit 183,284,497 '