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    Stop the Presses: News

    We know exactly what it's like to lose a tracker, because we were in the same boat three years ago. bB took in our refugees when we closed, and it's time we did the same.
    If you're a former STP member! who is not already a member of Bib and has never been a member at Bib before, you may PM me or /u/IanRankin with the subject "STP Refugee" and a screenshot of your invite email to STP. Block out any personally identifiable information, but the email address and invite link must be clearly visible. Unfortunately this is the only way we can verify former membership with STP.
    If you use imgur to upload the screenshot, make sure you keep the deletion link so that you can remove it after we check. We will only send an invitation to the email in the invite, and will be double-checking all requests.

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    This news has already been posted : http://torrentinvitez.com/showthread...-Bib-News,Next time check before posting.

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