With regard to H & R warning instructions and seeds comment zone specification
a, "H & R" warning instructions
site itself is not this rule, but because more free, so that many members completely uploaded pressure, is now finished and ran like very serious, often see some resources, the kind of a running one-off caused by resource types, and are therefore related to the development of relevant rules of human-run is finished, repeatedly violated, the account will be banned. Each unit resources, after the first five kinds of people, in the case of the first six not out of species, especially under the staff there are not allowed to download immediately withdraw species, the first six of the species, the first one out Members can withdraw species species, and so on. 1, of course, for all Members to download complete resource, not in this rule; 2, for the case of more than five people to do the number of species, nor in this rule; there are some reasonable rules, may not be described, but the actual operation may be applied, it will be subject to appropriate warning, so that not too many loopholes to the rule, but to be a kind person. Second, the seeds comment area comments norm: not to appear: seeking subtitles, seeking XX, no no less, upload very slow, this film does not look good, no need at this question may have XX, XX, etc. may not be downloaded at no came malicious speculation, some people before loopholes, I say this is possible, certainly did not say, so too negative remarks, there are many examples of failed one by one, but would have been warning. Some people may say a lot of it, then I do not dare say anything, but please keep in mind that on the line, standing on the publisher's point of view to think about, you will know that you are fit a comment. Perhaps some people, never released resources to produce their own, may not feel relevant psychology, you can imagine yourself that, if you spend a few days of this resource is time to get out, what your mental might feel more close points. PS: do not have a completely fair and impartial, and there is no rule loophole, the actual operation will be based on the actual situation to deal with, the management group who would never intentionally be against, but definitely will not miss the drill rule loophole people, to borrow a lot of people have said about the meaning of a sentence similar: PT station just a private sharing platform, not strictly in accordance with the provisions of nothing to do, for some obvious violation of people certainly will not miss. - HDArea Management Group 2015-9-20