From VooVoo

After getting message after message about the Bit Coin scam, can not connect and donations I have decided to make an addition to the rules.
Before contacting staff you are required to search the forums to see if your question has already been asked.

All members are required to be aware of the News Posts on the sites main page.

Anyone who contacts staff and states the obvious because the info is already on the main page or in the forums may receive a warning!
What this means is that if an Admin posts a new News message it automatically posts to the main page. When another new one is created the previous one moves down. Only the last two are on the main page. To see previous ones you must go to the News tab.

This is to try and prevent members constantly contacting staff with info that is already posted in the new, announcements, or forums.

If you have any questions, comments or complaints please direct them to VooVoo.

Thank you for your understanding!