First of all we would like to express our gratitude towards the response we received after the notice on free seedboxes. So far, actions have been taken towards 10 seedbox users. Few cheaters have had their statistics reset to ZERO. The rest who used their seedboxes improperly have lost 50% of upload generated from this (serious cases only). No action will be taken on the not-so-serious cases whom have registered / turn themselves in for time being. Seedbox ain't bad, but cheating is. Please use your seedbox responsibly.

Appeal may be made before 18th of October, 8pm to relevant administrator via PM.

10月8日管理组发布“关于全面禁止使用免费盒子(Seedbox)的公告”之后,广大会员给予了 充分的理 解和肯定,在此向各位已登记会员对管理组工作的配合表示感谢。经管理组商议,对10位利用免费 盒子作弊或者 非正常使用产生较大上传流量的会员进行了处理,其中,对作弊会员进行了流量清零,对非正常使用 产生较大上传 流量会员的非正常上传流量部分进行了减半扣除,其他有非正常使用情形的已登记会员不再追究,同 时希望各位会 员以后能够合理的使用盒子。

被处理会员若对处理结果有异议,请在10月19日20点前通过PM的方式向相关管理员提出申述 。