Title: Invite System Activated!

As we have activate the Invite system free registrations are no longer available.
From now on you can invite your friend(s) by getting the invites from our DC Store.
Though we wish to inform all users using the invite system, we are monitoring this very much. You should never give an invite to someone you don't know or you don't trust.
Invite traffic! are logged in our system and kept for any misuse of the system. If we detect any misuse in the system both users involved in the invitation process will be removed and banned from the system forever.

Here some information you need to know about the invite system:

1 - Invites can be purchased via our DC Store.
2 - Invites can be purchased with your DCs.
3 - Invited user gets 20 DC free as starters.
4 - Do NOT give invites to those you don't know or trust.
5 - You will be removed and banned if invite someone who will misuse the system.
6 - New invited members get 20 DC to start downloading.
7 - Be Alert! You have been Warned!

You have a question? Fire it away. Happy to answer it!