Quebec-sharing is "black down" for a period of 24 hours. What for? Despite numerous requests donations, few people are mobilizing. All things can disparaîtres when not take care, nothing is forever.
We closed the site for a period of 24 hours for you to understand that we urgently need donations so. Otherwise, the site would close permanently.
Our Paypal account has been closed there is no longer the only way to make a donation! is via Bitcoins. This is not the preferred solution, I know, but we do not have a choice. We ask that you make a little effort to explore this new avenue. Forget Paypal or credit cards to donate, they will not return any time soon. However you can buy bitcoins by these methods of payment.

For now, do not panic. The blackout is a warning. We need donations quickly. The site returns online in 24 hours.