HDChina的管理组是由原HDW部分管理和原OpenMV管理组组合而成,旨为各位追随HDChina 多年的会员提供一个合理、轻松、开放的高清氛围并提升原OpenMV活跃度,全新的HDChi na是由原H DWinG的部分数据库整合Open MV的数据库转型而成。由于原HDWinG运营团体跑路,我们只能找到的是维护人员用于测试的部分 数据库, 时间为2014年3月16日,保留了部分HDW的种子,论坛部分遗失,也就是说,在该日期后通 过各种渠道加 入HDW的用户均无法确认。我们也曾尝试联系原运营团体获取全部数据库,但是所需的资金远超我 们所能承受的 范围,只得作罢,对于3.16之后新加入的会员,只能说声抱歉。对于Open MV,则保留原OpenMV所有用户数据和种子数据。
  对于数据库的整合,如果原两站用户邮箱相同,且ID相同,则叠加两站数据(流量及积分), 使用Open MV的 用户名。注册邮箱不同,则分别添加_hdc _mv后缀,例如test_hdc test_mv。如果您确认您两站使用了相同的ID并且注册邮箱不同,那么请登录后进行申诉,提供您拥有两 个帐号的证据,那么会提供更改ID并选择保留一个帐号的服务。(点我申诉)如果您两站使用了不 同的ID与不 同的邮箱进行注册,请您选择您心仪的ID保留,否则会被系统判为马甲对您的帐号造成损失。对于 捐赠用户及贵 宾,原MV用户予以保留。原HDW所有的捐赠以及VIP用户标识取消,不接受投诉与恢复。
  本次开站实属不易,国内形势严峻,还请各位会员低调行事,不要将站内PM对外宣传。如无重 大问题,请以 站内PM为 准,如遇不可抗力,如网站宕机等,请以官方微博@HDChina所发消息为准,谣言止于智者。 对 于种子数据库的缺失,还需广大会员的努力重塑昨日的辉煌,会给予上传官方作品(HDChina HDCTV iHD HDWinG HDWTV LU9998)的会员以适当的奖励



The new team of HDChina is created from the staff of HDChina and OpenMV. Our goal is to provide a more reasonable, chilling and open platform for those who followed us in these years. The brand new HDChina is combined from OpenMV and part of the database from HDWinG. For some of the reason, the organization who ran for HDWinG is gone, and part of the data of our torrents, forums and user data is lost. The database we were using now was generated on March 16, 2014. We truly apologize for those members who joined HDWinG after that date. For the user of OpenMV, we kept all the data.
Because we merged two database, some of the user will have two account on HDChina if their email were the same when they registered on both site. If you got the same username on both site, your HDWinG account will be renamed to xxx_hdc and your OpenMV account will be renamed to xxx_mv. If your have a same ID but didn't use same email address when you register, please send a mail to our staff mailbox and you will be able to choose which account will be keep. If you have different ID and different registration email, please keep the one you like. Otherwise both of your account will be disabled.
Third, thanks for those who made great contribution for both site. But sorry to tell you that only the donor and VIP on OpenMV will be kept.
Furthermore, all the important announcement will be made by private message from system or from administrator. If our tracker is down, please follow our official twitter account @HDChinaOfficial for official announcement.
At last, we are really sorry about those torrent we have lost. Any member who upload our official group release (HDChina HDCTV iHD HDWinG HDWTV LU9998) will be received extra bonus from our staff.
Hope you enjoy a brand new High Definition journey on HDChina.

For the integration of the database, if the original user ID the same two stations, the same as for registered mail, then superimposed the two stations data (flow and integration), the use of Open MV user name. Different registered mail, respectively _hdc _mv add suffixes, such as test_hdc test_mv. If you confirm that you two stations use the same ID and register different mailbox, then please appeal, provide evidence that you have two accounts, then provide change ID and choose to keep an account of the service. If you use two different stations with different mailbox ID to register, please choose your favorite ID reservations, otherwise the system will be sentenced to vest losses on your account, thanks!
Person please state their problems accounted for on the ground floor before the ill-considered, since no landlord only visible feature, current methods may involve the disclosure of personal privacy. Subject to appeal in the following manner: first floor to state their problem accounts per person, but it comes to registered mail and other privacy issues, please send an e-mail to the mailbox: https://hdchina.club/contactstaff.php