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Thread: What.CD: News

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    What.CD: News

    What.CD freeleech has started!

    • Torrents under 1GB and uploaded before this announcement are now FREELEECH!
    • Torrents over 1GB and uploaded before this announcement are now NEUTRAL LEECH!
    • Torrents uploaded after this announcement, regardless of size or group, will be NORMAL LEECH.
    • FREELEECH TOKENS will expire on October 10, 2015, 23:59:59 site time. Everyone's freeleech tokens will be set to 0 for the duration of the event, to be returned after the event concludes (to prevent accidental use).
    • INVITES will be enabled for users with passwords younger than 2 years old after the freeleech.

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    Finally they gave freeleech. Thanks for news. I hope that now I can fix my ratio.

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